A Professional Study and Resource Guide for the CRNA - 2nd Edition

This comprehensive resource for practicing and student nurse anesthetists covers all aspects of a career in nurse anesthesia. - 2nd Edition


A Resource for Nurse Anesthesia Educators - 2nd Edition

Created for Educators, content includes information and best practices for understanding legal issues and reimbursement rules, fulfilling new educational requirements, writing exam questions and evaluations, incorporating simulation into your curriculum, encouraging research and scholarship application, promoting diversity and inclusion in health care, and avoiding burnout.


Advancing Art & Science of Anesthesia for 75 Years: A Pictorial History of AANA

Take a trip through the fascinating, inspiring history of the AANA and the nurse anesthesia profession with this keepsake coffee table book published in honor of the AANA's 75th anniversary.


Critical Events in Anesthesia

Critical Events in Anesthesia


Evidence Trumps Belief, 2nd Ed

This expanded second edition includes additional chapters that make the text more versatile and provide readers a better foundation for achieving statistical power, identifying biomedical betrayal, and spotting statistical errors in published report.


Ira P Gunn, Nurse Anesthetist: Writings & Wisdom from a Legendary Nursing Leader

A fierce defender of the profession and the AANA, Gunn passed away in 2011 but her impact lives on—now in the pages of this important collection of articles, letters, papers, and personal correspondence. Gunn’s unique perspective as a clinician, educator, military veteran, historian, and AANA member is invaluable to all nurse anesthetists, including practicing CRNAs and students just starting their careers. She expressed herself as only she could—with passion, strength, exacting knowledge, wisdom, and humor. Included in the book is a tribute DVD of her Memorial Service at Arlington National Cemetery on April 16, 2012.


The Chemistry and Physics of Drugs Used in Anesthesia

The Chemistry and Physics of Drugs Used in Anesthesia adds an in-depth exploration of physics to significantly expand and update Dowd/Kier’s previous work, The Chemistry of Drugs for Nurse Anesthetists, making this new text even more integral to the practicing CRNA and to the education of student registered nurse anesthetists.


The Global Voice for Nurse Anesthesia - IFNA (1989-2021)

<font color=blue>**NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ANY DISCOUNTS**</font> <BR><BR> <b>The Global Voice for Nurse Anesthesia: International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists (1989-2021) <br>Editors: Sandra Maree Ouellette, Betty J. Horton, Jackie S. Rowles <br>© 2021, International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists</b> <BR><BR> All one has to do is become immersed in “The Global Voice for Nurse Anesthesia: International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists (1989-2021)” to know that the IFNA takes great pride in preserving and sharing its storied history. <BR><BR> Prior to the signing of its charter in 1989, IFNA was little more than a vision embraced by a small group of determined nurse anesthetists from 11 countries. Today, some 32 years later, IFNA is recognized as “The Global Voice for Nurse Anesthesia” for a significant reason—its ongoing efforts to promote, inspire, prepare, and encourage more than 100,000 nurse anesthetists caring for patients in 43 different countries around the world is essential to the health and wellbeing of the human race. <BR><BR> This comprehensive book tells of IFNA’s founding; the establishment of its vision, mission, goals, and objectives; and the creation of practice, education, and monitoring standards critical to the advancement of nurse anesthetists worldwide. The development of the highly successful Anesthesia Program Approval Process (APAP) is explored, formative events such as the World Congress for Nurse Anesthetists are relived, and the countless individuals who have devoted their time, energy, creativity, and resources to ensure IFNA’s durability are celebrated. Finally, an abundance of photos and artwork help bring IFNA’s story to life, completing a most memorable picture. <BR><BR> We hope you enjoy this entertaining journey through the history of the IFNA!


Watchful Care: A History of America’s Nurse Anesthetists

A fascinating read, this book provides a vivid account of the accomplishments of the nurse anesthesia profession from its very beginning in the 19th century.


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